Location: Tacoma, Washington

Conditions for Admission

  1. Conditional Guaranteed Admission (CGA)
    Admission is guaranteed if the conditions listed are fulfilled.
  2. Associate Degree
  3. ENGL& 101 and ENGL& 102 3.0, Math 78/79 pass
  4. Minimum Walla Walla Community College Grade Point Average (GPA) is 2.75
  5. Submitted a complete transfer application by the applicable admission quarter’s deadline

NOTE: This conditional guarantee pertains to general University of Washington, Tacoma admission, but not necessarily to all majors at the university. Some colleges or schools have higher admission requirements.

  • Transferable credits – These refer to college-level courses which generally transfer to universities. Most but not all academic classes numbered 100 or higher transfer. Classes numbered lower than 100 are considered developmental courses and do not transfer. Most college students can earn 90 transferable quarters in two years, although they may need a summer quarter to do so.