Aline Uwase
Country: Rwanda

My time at WWCC contributed a lot to my personal and career growth than I ever imagined. WWCC being a very friendly environment played a crucial part for my growth and success. Because as an international student, who was new to the place and culture, the last thing I would have wanted was a sense of loneliness and feeling out of place. So, with the welcoming and helping spirit of the faculty and students, I felt a sense of belonging in no time and that took away any fear I had in myself and opened doors for me of opportunities.

Gadine Niyotwizeye
Country: Rwanda

Why did you choose Walla Walla Community College: I actually did not choose Walla Walla Community College. My former host family went to Rwanda for a mission trip and they connected me to WWCC. I love that it is a small town, that the nursing school is one of the best programs in the U.S. so I applied. I am happy to know that I can open doors for other international students.


Favorite Thing about WWCC: I love the Dome building. I love the community, super-friendly, super-helpful, not just students but staff. They go beyond what is needed, each one of them.


They try to get you connected to help. I love the weather in Walla Walla, I love the seasons, how green it can be, and I love the mountains. They are just awesome. A chill town. It makes you feel like you are home.


Future advice to prospective students: First, connect. It is the most important thing to do. Connect with the locals and with any of the other international students. Get to know the staff. Try to know who is who and who can help you. Ask any questions. There is a chance they do not know but they will find out an answer. Study in a group; create bonding opportunities with other students, both on or off campus such as in a coffee shop. Take breaks and walk along Titus Creek. Above all else, have fun.

Runfeng Liu
Country: China

Why did you choose Walla Walla Community College: We moved to Walla Walla, I searched on line and it was ranked high, the best in the State. I went to a community college rather than a university because the tuition is lower.


Favorite Thing about WWCC: I am good at math but I do not like it. When I came here, I met Eric Schulz, the math instructor. He is intuitive and showed me how useful math is, so I have decided to go into Engineering.


Future advice to prospective students: If you have any questions, just ask advisors, teachers or other students. Do not be shy. Last quarter I was a little bit shy and I think I missed out. There are opportunities everywhere but you have to communicate with others.

Katherine Ayerdis
Country: Nicaragua

Why did you choose Walla Walla Community College: I went to Walla Walla Valley Academy high school and then transferred to Walla Walla Community College. This is a great school and they had just what I needed.


Favorite Thing about WWCC: I like how teachers work with students; for example, how they treat you and help you out. There is a lot of diversity here and acceptance of other cultures.


Future advice to prospective students: Take advantage of the teachers and resources we have at Walla Walla Community College. Get involved in student activities so you have more opportunities.

Sarah Benimana
Country: Rwanda

Why did you choose Walla Walla Community College: After the Walla Walla Community College directors came to our high school in Rwanda, they talked about WWCC’s academic programs and that convinced me I had to come. I enjoy how small the classes are so I am able to interact with many students and get to know what is going on in their lives. I like how practical their academic programs are as you get hands on experiences with everything.


Favorite Thing about WWCC: I like how instructors pay attention to every student. The instructors treat the students as a person because of the small class size. Every student gets lots of care.


Future advice to prospective students: Come with an open mind. When you get here, it is a land of many opportunities. You see many things you can do and get lots of support from instructors. You have to be ready to take advantage of the opportunities.