Walla Walla Community College knows how important housing is to the success of a student. We ensure students have the best experience possible and help provide resources for students to take advantage of a variety of housing options.


We provide international students the opportunity to live with an American family. This is an excellent way to quickly improve your English, as well as become more familiar with American customs and culture. Your host family will also take you to events and help you become familiar with Walla Walla. Students can request the type of family they would like to be placed with: quiet or busy, with or without children, and more. Our homestay program is managed on-campus and every family has successfully completed an application form, home inspection, personal interview, and Washington State Patrol background check. You can choose to have your family cook all your meals, or you can choose to cook them yourself.

Homestay Costs for Students Age 18 and Older

  • The cost for Homestay with you providing your own food is $400.
  • The cost for Homestay with food cooked and provided by your family is $550

Apply to Homestay

If you are interested, apply now. You can download a PDF of the application for students 18 and older. Fill it out and submit it to our Homestay Coordinator at [email protected]

  1. Complete the online homestay student application.
  2. In order to be considered for homestay, please pay the $150 homestay application processing fee. This fee is nonrefundable.

If you would like further details regarding our Homestay Program, please email us at: [email protected].

What is a Homestay Family?

Being a homestay family for international students is an amazing way to bring the richness of the world to your front door. Many families provide international student housing year after year and form lasting relationships and bridges between cultures. We are always looking for good homes for our students.

Although you are paid a fee for housing our students, most of our homestay families are not motivated only by the extra income. This is an experience that allows you to share your life and culture with an international student by including them in your family, events, and holidays. Families enjoy both learning about other cultures, but also come to understand their own country better by seeing it through the eyes of an international student.

Our homestay coordinator reviews the information provided by our host families and that provided by our international students and try to place students in homes that are a good match for them. We will provide you with training once you are selected to be a homestay family.

What Must You Provide?

All of our homestay homes must include a private bedroom for the student, furnished with a bed/linens, desk, chair, lamp, closet and dresser. Homes must have adequate Wi-Fi in addition to safety features such as smoke alarms and legal egress windows. Homestay families provide access to their laundry machines for their student.

You are paid a stipend for being a homestay family. You can choose to provide meals for the students (you will be paid $550 a month) or you can have students provide/prepare their own meals (you will be paid $400 a month).

Apply to Be a Homestay Family

If you are ready to apply, please fill out our Homestay Family Application form and return it by emailing it to our Homestay team at [email protected].

Do You Still Have Questions?

Please email our homestay team at [email protected] 509-524-5165


There are many places to stay while you are looking for an apartment. If you do not wish to stay in a hotel after your arrival, you might consider living with a host family. The International Programs can help you with this. If you have any questions, please contact us: 509-527-4283 or 509-524-5165. We can also be reached by email: [email protected].

How to Search for an Apartment

  • Check the bulletin boards near the cafeteria. Students looking for a roommate will often post a notice on these bulletin boards. You may also post a notice stating that you are looking for housing.
  • Check the real estate section of the Sunday issues of Walla Walla Union Bulletin.
  • Ask everyone you know about apartments. Often, faculty and students know of someone who is looking for a good tenant through “word of mouth” referrals.
  • Use the Internet! The following web sites may help you in your search:



Roommates/Apartment Listings

Rental Agencies

Other Helpful Hints

  • There will be many other people looking for apartments, so be prepared to act quickly! If you see an advertisement that interests you, call right away to see the apartment. If you like it, be prepared to pay the deposit immediately.
  • Don’t sign a lease without seeing the apartment. You need to inspect the actual apartment you will be living in.
  • Make sure you read (and completely understand) the lease before you sign it. In most apartments, you will pay for your own utilities (gas, oil, heating, electricity, telephone, etc.) and may need to supply your own refrigerator. Pets and smoking are not allowed in some apartments.

Additional Information:

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